Monday, January 2, 2012

I found my password

I have been looking for my password off and on for almost a year. Finally found it a few minutes ago where I never would have thought to look. So you may be seeing some of my ramblings again in the next few months.

Things have been very happy around here. I am married to my wonderful husband, Bill, who I dragged by the ears down from Connecticut in June 2010. We didn't quite overcome the bad knee he had but he got a Hoveround so we are totally mobile now. I didn't marry the knee, I married the man and we are totally satisfied with our marriage and each other.

I still have my cat, Tommy, and he is part of our family. At first he did not accept Bill and tried to bite him at every opportunity but now he follows him around looking to be petted...and I seem to have acquired an outside cat. I just cannot handle two cats in the house so she will have to stay outside. She is the first one I feed each morning as she is waiting at the door and we had a friend build her a little house to sleep in out of the cold.

Bill is very much into Christmas and we finally got all the Christmas things stored for next year today. The place I moved out of is being used as a storeroom for all we cannot keep here. I never was much for really decorating but I am learning as he loves it so.

'Til next time