A new start

2010 has been quite an eventful year for me.  To start it off, I had to have radiation to a basal cell cancer on my lip, which took approximately 3 months to complete. But it was successful so was worth the time, effort and pain.

I have been very lonely the last few years so decided to join the senior meet site that is advertised on TV.  I joined first without paying for a full membership and after looking over what was available in my age group I was just about to forget it when suddenly I spotted a man I thought looked really interesting and sent him a "flirt" which simply said I liked his profile.  He responded with a very cool note.  In order to get to know him better, I then paid for a full membership for 6 months. He continued to respond but very reserved and cool until one day he asked how old I was.  Seems I had forgotten that I had put up a 20 year old picture of myself on my profile and put my age back the same.  And had been assigned the name Tommy51hot by the site.  I had joined under my cat's name to avoid anyone knowing who I was...so I fessed up to the truth and our correspondence became more interesting.  Then we both got on SKYPE and talked several hours daily on the computer via video calls.  I soon came to care very much about him and invited him down to see me.  The only problem was that he lived in Connecticut and I live in Mississippi which is a distance of over 1300 miles.  And he had undergone an unsuccessful knee replacement surgery several months earlier and couldn't drive that far.  About two months later I convinced him to fly down.

He arrived on June 25th and on July 29th we were married.   He still uses a walker but, hopefully, that will end soon as he has an appointment soon with a very good knee doctor and we hope he will be able to correct the problem caused by the original surgery.  If not, then we will just get on with our lives walker and all.  We both entered this marriage aware of all the problems this knee could cause in our lives and can and will overcome them one way or the other.  The one factor in this relationship that will help overcome all obstacles is our deep love for each other and that will always be there to smooth the rough spots.  He is a wonderful man....caring and kind and all my friends here in the deep south seem to really like him although I take a lot of kidding about marrying a "damn yankee".