Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maybe the world should have ended.

I got an email from a close friend late yesterday that got me to thinking about a lot of things.  Mostly about the elderly in this country, of which I am one, and the treatment we get.

It angers me.  It angers me at a lot of things and a lot of people.

She had crocheted some afghans for some friends in nursing homes and delivered them.  The staff told her not to leave one as it would "disappear" as soon as she left the room.  She had to call the families and tell them she had brought them so they would know they were there even if a short time.

We played nursing homes many times because we knew this was the only entertainment they got so I know first hand how the people are treated.  My own mother died because of mistreatment in one.  And I thank God it was her choice for her to go there and not mine.  I would have never put her there nor would i put anyone there.

And it is not only these institutions that mistreat them.  There is no longer any respect in the world for anyone or anything.  The elderly are targeted because they are helpless.  Every time a benefit of some kind is taken away, it is from this group.  Their benefits, benefits they earned by their work through the years, and given to the bastards of the world.  The people who have more and more children demanding more tax dollars.  We have to feed the children breakfast in schools and most of the time it is because their mothers are too darn lazy to get out of bed and feed them or because they are in bed making more of these children for people like me who have and still are paying the taxes that support them.  It would shock you to know how many turn down jobs because they "gets" a check.  All of this and many of our elderly and veterans are homeless and people like the Salvation army try to fill the needs of food and clothing for them.  i stopped many years ago donating to the "Toys for Tots" program because one day I went to the distribution out of curiousity and saw well dressed people driving good automobiles there to take the freebies from the few who really did need them.

But back to the elderly.  How many are kept alive past their time just so the medical profession can collect more from medicare on them?  Is it really life when you do not know who or where you are?  Everyone has their own opinion on the end of life but mine is when you can no longer think or make your own decisions, then life should be and really is over for you.

Younger people complain about the elderly still driving.  Yet younger people drive drunk or on drugs and they get a slap on the wrist but just let an older person violate a law and they want to take their license.  They claim we might hurt someone -- so let them watch where they are going too and the older person won't hit them. (No, I have not been in any trouble with driving--just making a point)

People have children thinking when they get old they will be shown respect by them.  Very few cases where it works out like this,  It is usually the offspring begging the parents to get them out of jams all their life and when they can or will no longer do this, they take their property and shuffle them to a nursing home and leave them to die alone.

If I sound angry, it is because I AM angry.  Angry because of the treatment of people who worked and earned golden years and got brass instead.  Angry at all the injustice in the world that i see more and more daily in letters like I got from my friend.  Years ago I wrote a poem and hung it in the hall of the local nursing home.  Don't remember it all but it was

"Look at me in this wheelchair
All bent and grey
Don't just turn your eyes away
Look at me,

Touch me
I won't break if you j
just touch me.

Talk to me
I still have things to say
Don't just walk away,

Look at me, Look at me, Look at me!

I know I rambled but all this was on my mind and if it makes even one person stop and think and be a little kinder, I hope you will forgive my rambling.  I feel better having said it,

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