Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Different Kind of Blog

This will be a blog of a different kind from me but it is something that I need to say.  And what better place to put it than to my friends.

My New Year resolution is quite simple.  I REFUSE to go to Walmart anymore unless it is absolutely necessary and I will give you my reasons (or you may call them excuses if you will but they are mine)

Especially the one here withing 5 miles of me.  I drive 15 miles and sometimes more to avoid going to the local one.  

I have a very bad back and when I walk a lot it gives me great pain.  So I use the handicapped carts--when one is available, that is.  Most of the time they are not in operating order due to the employees in charge of them not keeping them running properly and I am tired of going and getting an employee to come and bring me another one.  Twice they had to exchange them for another one for me in one trip.  And the ones that are capable of being used are occupied by people who do not really need them.  When did getting obese qualify you for special treatment?  Or being black.  I am all for anyone who truly needs one using it but it should be monitored and maybe give a card stating you are truly qualified to have one that has to be presented.  We have to have an order from a doctor to get a handicapped parking placard for our cars to park in the handicapped area.  Why wouldn't this work for the stores?

And I am tired of being discriminated against because I am white.  Yes, you read that statement right.  It is the blacks in this area that are racists and not whites.  I remember a long time ago I had a friend who had a maid and she asked this woman one day what it was that the blacks wanted and her reply was "The one thing you cannot give us and that is to be white". None of us has the option of what color we are born.  In the stores that are run by black managers and mostly black employees resent helping the white people do anything, even check out and get to your car.  And it is a written policy of Walmart that they will give assistance to the handicapped.  My handicap was caused by a drunk black man rear ending the car I was in and it changed my whole life. I know my limitations and am willing to live within them but I do want to be treated fairly.  

Mississippi is predominantly black in this area I live in.  They control everything--the government, the stores, the law and almost anything else you can think of.  

I believe everyone should be treated fairly and the same, but Walmart is allowing a situation that should be stopped and since I cannot stop it, I CAN stop participating in it.  I can go to Home Depot and get cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items we need.  I can go to Kroger and get all the groceries we need (and more than we need).  There are places I can buy flowers and seeds.  So many other options so why should I be insulted?

And yes, I was once very deeply involved in politics but let that go by the wayside.  Maybe that is what is wrong with this country that too many of us let it go by the wayside and got too complacent.  I was told over 50 years ago that complacency would be the downfall of the American people and I am seeing it unfold in my lifetime.And it is not a pretty sight at all.

You can agree or disagree with me but I stand on my resolution to stay out of Walmart unless it is a matter of life or death that I go there.  Sometimes one person has to make a stand and then maybe it will be two and others will join and we can straighten out all the mess in this country that was once the greatest in the world.

I wish everyone a happy 2013.

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