Sunday, July 12, 2009


It seems as though every time lately I walk into a place of business the employees have an "attitude".

I go in Wal Mart to buy a few groceries and at the check out the checker has an "attitude". And most places I frequent are the same way. Case in point-- I was entitled to a free upgrade to my cell phone and no one seemed able to supply one. I had to go to three different AT&T authorized stores and not a one had what I was looking for nor were they willing to try to find me one. They seemed to think it was my fault. I ended up going on the Internet to their site and ordering one. I entered my shipping address and two days later I had an email to call them. I did and they said the shipping address was wrong. Now I may be a little on the slow side these days, but I do know where I live. So I ended up having to give them another address so I may or may not get the phone. I admit I do live in a strange situation. My landline is a Crystal Springs number, my snail mail goes to a post office box in Gallman and my physical address is a 911 address out of Hazlehurst. But it is hard to convince people that my mailing address is different from what my physical address is. It took the better part of a morning to do what should have been a simple procedure, and that is get a new phone.

Another annoyance was last week when I got a bill from my doctor and it was for the full amount. I called several times and no one would return my call. I finally wrote a letter to the office manager. The next day someone called and asked what the problem was. I told him they did not bill my insurance. He replied that I didn't have any insurance on file. I then told him that was strange as it had been on file with them over 20 years. So now they will go back to the first of the year and submit insurance on my bills from then. And I now see my doctor on the one day he is in Crystal Springs as the office force at the main office are impossible for me to deal with. I told the doctor last visit that getting through there was worse than trying to break in the White House. I had tried for 2 days to get in to see him there and finally went to the office he only visits once a week and got in immediately. Good thing I wasn't having a heart attack.

Now I am developing an attitude of my own against all these other people who are making life hard for me with their "attitude"

End of rant


  1. I guess the thing that annoys me most about these people's attitudes is that once I've had a run-in with them, I come away feeling like the bad guy. I could be a really good hermit.......