Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Beautiful Hibiscus

My beautiful grandchildren, Jesse and his bride-to-be Rebekah, brought me this gorgeous hibiscus Sunday afternoon.

Almost every Sunday they come to see me and play and sing for me. He plays really good guitar and they both sing. He is the bandleader of what is left of Aubrey's band "Good Ole Boys". They are both in nursing school. He is registered for RN for this fall semester but she says she is going to skip this semester and get in the next one. I asked did she plan to use his notes and let him go ahead of her one semester. He finished LPN2 at the top of his class. There are not many young people who would spend their Sunday afternoons with their grandmother and it is much appreciated. I love them both dearly, and look forward to their weekly visits out of their busy schedule. Each night I pray that I will live to hold their firstborn in my arms. I feel they will wait a few years before having it though and get their education behind them. At least, I hope they will.

I have been repotting plants the past few days. We finally got some rain and it made it easier to work outside as the temperature went down a few degrees and in heat like we have been having, even a few degrees is important. I have a fern that has been passed down from generation to generation by my mother's family and it is next to be repotted. It is a very large lace fern and if you are familiar with this type you know it "bites".

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