Friday, July 17, 2009

Plight of the elderly

Yesterday on Facebook we were discussing nursing homes and the plight of the elderly in this nation. Here is a photo documentary of the treatment my own mother received at a nursing home. It is very painful for me to write this and see these pictures again but I feel it is important for people to understand what is happening to our elderly.

The doctors keep them alive for the money and experimentation on longevity and then they are sent to nursing homes to be abused. I had kept her in her own home over 3 years with help around the clock and then the money ran out and she decided to go to the nursing home and I thank God every day I did not have to make this decision for her.

My mother was a gentle caring person and on the day before she broke her hip and then had a stroke which paralyzed her right side she had driven her own car at the age of 90, and a few days before that she had gone to a dance we were playing. The stroke did not affect her mind.

This is the document that was presented to the state Medicaid board trying to get help in stopping this sort of treatment of patients in nursing homes. And also before several boards for this same reason. No one cared. Not a one. It was taken as a matter of course. Before the inspectors come to these places, they notify the facility so they can pass the inspection. How fair is this to the elderly and handicapped.

This is the caption under the pictures.
Kathleen K. Lewis, Room 238A, Pinecrest Guest Home, Hazlehurst, MS
Condition when admitted to Hardy Wilson Memorial Hospital, Sunday Dec. 10, 2000, with suspected broken elbow. Found dehydration, kidney infection, coumadin level too high in blood and anemia. First photo of left back area around shoulder blade, second picture shows injured paralyzed elbow. Next picture shows condition of foot with nails not trimmed and last picture is full view of her.

Aubrey did a lot of volunteer work for the United Way and we saw these same conditions in other facilities around the state.

And it scares heck out of me to think that someday I may be subjected to this treatment. No one deserves this.

This is hurting too bad to continue writing at this time.


  1. (((Ann))) This is such a sad chapter in our lives, first watching our loved ones in so called "nursing homes", and then looking at the possibility of ending up there ourselves. The only positive side is that it makes us thankful for today. I never walk through my house that I don't thank God for my health and for my home and for the life that I have. It can all be whisked away from us in the blink of an eye.

  2. This is such a sad commentary on the state of nursing homes in this country. You would think that after all these years, of all the documented cases of abuse, someone would have taken notice. We can only hope that in the very near future, this will change as all of us face the possibility of having to go to one of these facilities.

    I feel your pain and I'm so sorry you had to go through this...